The best reasons for travelers to visit Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is considered as “the heaven of forgotten” of Vietnam with its aesthetic value by tourists who came here. Located between Cat Ba island and Halong Baythe world heritage site in 1994, Lan Ha Bay has many beautiful pristine landscapes with the white sandy beaches. The following is the best reasons why to visit Lan Ha Bay.

About Lan Ha Bay

Why to visit Lan Ha Bay? Lan Ha Bay is a very arc-shaped bay with about 400 small and large islands. All islands of Lan Ha Bay are covered with green vegetation with the unique values of natural scenery.

Lan Ha Bay

The limestone mountains also account for a large percentage of the islands in Lan Ha Bay. The majestic limestone mountains on the sea’s surface are divided into the small islets, in which many bays and caves have not yet been discovered. There are hundreds of limestone mountains with many shapes and sizes that are very close to human life such as a clog or turtle, a bat.

In addition, the stalactite caves of the Halong community are also presented in Lan Ha Bay. There are Ham Rong Cave, Ca Cave, Do Cung Cave and the calm sea water areas such as Monkey Island, Sen island, Cu Island. Moreover, there are also the beautiful beaches in the middle of the sea such as Ang Vem, Tung Gau and Cat Dua beaches which make visitors feel like losing in the fairyland.

Many beautiful landscapes

Monkey Island

If you want to visit Monkey Island, you can take a boat from Ben Beo about 10 minutes to Cai Beo fishing village. In the past, Monkey Island is called Cat Dua because there are many wild pineapples which look extremely delicious but not eatable. Nowadays, the island is often called Monkey Island. The reason is that there are more than 20 monkeys of Cat Ba National Park dropped on the island. They often go to the beach to play with tourists, eat the food which is given by tourists such as bananas, candy, apples, tangerines. The fun monkeys playing and climbing make an impression on those who come to Monkey Island.

Monkey Island

Luon Cave

Luon Cave is located on Bo Hon island near Tortoise Island and Haven Gate. Here are the steep cliffs with clear blue water as a mirror in four seasons. Luon Cave aways attracts visitors not only by the unique shape but also by the harmonious natural landscape.

Nam Cat Island

Covered by charming forests, Nam Cat Island attracts tourists by the wild natural view on four sides. It takes about 15 minutes to go to Nam Cat Island from Ben Beo by boat. With the pristine beauty, visitors coming to Lan Ha Bay always enjoy the feeling of peace. This island still maintains its natural value due to less human influences. With 3 large wooden stilt houses and 6 bungalows, you will immerse yourself in Nam Cat island when taking a break and enjoying the natural atmosphere of the sea. In addition, Nam Cat has plenty of services for visitors and overnight activities.

Many exciting activities

One of the reasons why you should visit Lan Ha Bay is that there are many exciting activities here such as kayaking,  swimming and snorkeling. They will contribute a interesting part to your vacation experience.



One of the activities that tourists cannot miss on the Lan Ha Bay tour is kayaking through the mountains with unique shapes. These shapes of Lan Ha bay mountains make visitors imagine hundreds of interesting ideas such as a cloak, a bat or a turtle. Choosing kayak to explore Lan Ha Bay will bring new experiences that cruise ships cannot have. You will also admire the view of the colorful landscapes under the blue sea water and sparkling sunshine.

Swimming and snorkeling

It can be said that the Lan Ha Bay has many quite untouched beaches. The limestone mountains in the isolated bays are the attractions for visitors to play with the clear blue sea water.

In the heart of Lan Ha Bay, there are small sandy beaches scattered at the foot of the rock islands along the sea. Tourists will have one of the great feelings of summer such as lying on the white sand beach, under the green trees and enjoying the cool breeze.

Under the blue sea water is colorful coral reefs from Sen Island to Cu Island and Monkey Island. This is really an ideal place for those who like to collect beautiful pictures of nature under water.

It is undeniable that Lan Ha Bay is an ideal destination for those who love nature. If you want to know more information about Lan Ha Bay, feel free to contact us via our website. Share the best reasons for coming to Lan Ha bay if it is useful to you. Have a great trip!

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